Almost Daily Link Blast

Links that are better than anything you read today

1.  28 TV shows canceled after one show.
2.  How to get rid of your psycho ex on Facebook forever
3.  What your hangover says about you.  Other than you probably made an ass of yourself the night before.
4.  Carrie Fisher will return as a senior citizen in the new Star Wars.
5.  10 coolest roads NOT on GOOGLE street view
6.  Teenagers have always dressed like crap.  Here is a decade by decade breakdown.
7.  Yes Olathe, there is such thing as Cowboy College
8.  Ralph Machio is now the same age as Pat Morita in the Karate Kid.  Makes you feel young and full of life doesn't it?
9.  Free Krispy Kreme on March 10th
10.  Steve Caballero, nuf said
11.  Just in time to fight off Obama Drones.
12.  Best Car Ever!
13.  10 reasons the 18th century kicked ass....

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