Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bring on the Zombies

Anyone else ready for the Zombies to take over?  Could they really be worst than the morons that run and occupy this country?  

1.  Jim Carrey goes Liar Liar about gun owners
2.  You can get yourself shot in the land of Obama for double parking
3.  You see, you get  7 lawn chairs, 7 ice picks, some binding wire....
4.  Abortion Insurance?  Would that count as a death panel?
5.  Deadly virus from Galveston Bio lab is now on the loose.  Bring on the zombies
6.  Why does the government continue to lie to us about their Ammo purchases?
7.  When your elected officials tell you that you will Pay the Price for your beliefs, be afraid
8.  Obama causes Boeing to fire 2k employees