Monday, March 11, 2013

The Wire - Brought to you by the #5 and Letter G


Well we finally received the answer to the question that was asked all last week by the media "elite" in this city.  5, 5 people must get shot at on place before people pay attention to another VIOLENT east side weekend.  If you had the #6 congrats, you win.  I for one put the number closer to 8 but I didn't figure in a slow news weekend and lack of weather hype.

How many people will no jump on the band wagon and start talking about the horror's of East Side violence today?  How many of them will completely talk out of their ass with poor information and lack of insight or first hand knowledge?  ALL OF THEM

The best will be Dana & Parks.  These two are completely clueless to East Side going on's and make NO EFFORT to understand the problems that exist daily and how they came to be.  You won't hear about the migration of LA and Chicago gangs to the area. You wont hear about the power grab that took place once the mafia was "run out" of the area. You will never hear what the beefing is all about.  Instead you will hear "What are we to do Kansas City?", "It's sad" blah blah blah.

1.  6 hoppin, 5 droppin at a Grandview concert.
2.  2 more shot in concert shooting spillover in Grandview.
3.  Finally a normal Kansas City shooting victim