Friday, April 12, 2013

Almost Daily Link Blast

I hope to see you all at the KC Zoo this weekend!  

1.  Just in time for Spring - How to have sex in a car.
2.  The Internet in 2015 (infographic).  We will still be here but 90% of the local bloggers wont.
3.  8 most common sex dreams decoded.
4.  10 Craft Beers that are now in Cans.
5.  The 10 most unusual websites according to Oddee is an actual site
6.  50 Shades Generator.  Terrible site
7.  Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock is now an actual game
8.  10 worst Men's hairstyles in History - You can actually still see these in Olathe
9.  Archiving the Internet one closed down service at a time.
10.  Twisted Tales of Sex gone bad (infographic)
11.  430 lb woman robs bank with Sauce Bomb.