Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KC's Biggest Environmental Disaster

One could read the Northeast News story about the homeless and feel some pain for those that live under bridges, overpasses, in boxes and yes underground.  Hell you might even want to get off your fat JOCO ass and do something to help.  BUT who are we kidding right? 

We all know that the real issue here is how the homeless are responsible for global warming in KC.  The homeless are global terrorists dead set on world wide destruction and pocket change.
Do you really feel sorry for those that leave trash behind that will end up destroying this planet in a billion years?  They are purposely trying to kill our great, great, great...... grandchildren to punish us for their misfortune.

And let us not forget the one person most directly harmed by this problem, George E. Kessler.  Is a park full of litter and human waste really fitting for the man that helped found city planning and landscape architecture?