Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Say Day, Same Sh**

I  could seriously run the following links everyday for a year and I would be on target 90% of the time.  The core of  our city has been rotting for so long that there is no way to fix it.  Does anyone really think that new sidewalks, fresh coats of paint and a few Apple Markets will rehab this area?

Does anyone honestly believe that the community leaders in the East Side want it fixed?  They are making a fortune off of tax breaks, government kick backs, low property values and political corruption.  Why change it and lose their source of power?

1.  Liquor store robbed by Paseo and Cleaver BLVD.  Shocking!
2.  Home invasion in Grandview.  Shocking!
3. East Side toddler found wandering the streets.  Shocking!
4.  Man murdered in East Side over an argument.  Shocking!
5.   White girl runaway found in the hood.  Shocking!