Monday, April 22, 2013

We are Full of Crap

Our leaders are full of crap.  That's not news to many of us but let's apply that towards the Boston Bombings shall we?  Let's pay attention to the bullshit spewing out of Washington from both parties  in regards to the recent terrorist attacks and the attacks since 9-11.  

We are told every single time something happens that the Terrorist will not win, we are a strong country and those that attack us do so because we are a free people.  We are told to go out and shop and carry on as if nothing happened.  BUT......................

1.  Our phones are being listened to without warrants.
2.  Drones fly over our country.
3.  The implementation of the TSA has resulted in theft, sexual misconduct, invasion of privacy....
4.  One of our countries biggest cities was SHUT DOWN to look for one 19 year old kid.
5.  The government reads our emails
6.  The government monitors our purchases
7.  We evacuate events because of a box or bag.
8.  We are searched, frisked and have to open our bags when we go someplace.
9.  The government tracks our travel.
10.  The government monitors our internet usage
11.  The government hides programs and spends excessive amounts of money for "our safety" 
12.  The government wants to take away your ability to protect your family.
13.  Terror suspects are treated as citizens and not enemies of the state.

Do you honestly believe that the terrorists haven't won?