Monday, April 22, 2013

Wired News

A nation of zombies being led by the weak and brainless.

1.  The leader of a city with record unemployment and murder rates is calling out the gov of Texas How can a man with so much blood on his hands be so petty?
over a campaign gaffe?
2.  Kansas City parents are unable to control their children so the city had to pass legislation to control them.  Good job East Side.
3.  Obama to honor murdered Texans and then beg for money from people that murder Texans.
4.  Obama punishes American citizens by making air travel even worst.
5.  Cinnamon Challenge?  Do we really need to put out a freaking warning about this?
6.  How many little girls will be poisoned once Obama pulls out our troops from Afghanistan
7.  Liberals everywhere are worried about the amount of force used to capture TERRORIST
8.  Farrakhan's son is living it up on the taxpayer dime in......Chicago of course.
9.  Nanny Bloomberg thinks it is ok for an 18 year old to go to war but not purchase a package of smokes.
10.  Liberal professor wants to blame rap music for terrorists actions...