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Because you don't know what is interesting. 

1.  Orgasm Infographic - Crap you should know but probably don't
2.  The Art of Punk - Dead Kennedy's 
3.  Kathleen Parker has fantasies about Sara Palin getting knocked up and is jealous of her womb.
4.  If Obesity is now a disease then Christina finally found her cure.
5.  What does your grill say about you?  If you live in Prairie Village then it probably says that you are a pansy.
6.  Do Skinny Husbands ever have Fat wives on TV?
7.  New app lets you get paid to be a Snitch.
8. 7 Awesome resignation letters
9.  Teen Gets Jailed, Registered as Sex Offender for Having Sex with a Female While 'Pretending' to Be a Boy | Alternet
10.  10 most shocking things that the FBI has done since 9.11
11.  FISA court is a sham
12.  Blue Eyed kids are smarter than brown eyed ones.
13.  The dictator wants his minions to spy on other minions.  Sound familiar?
14.  Ice Cube isn't a big fan of Dwight Howard going to Houston
15.  10 kids games that got banned by liberals.

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