Monday, July 01, 2013

Ernest Evans Guest Post

Ernest Asked me to share this with my readers

Dear Mr. Abouhalkah: 
 First, to set the record straight:  I think that there need to be some significantly increased restrictions on the sale of guns. Second, the Mayor is "dodging the blame" when he says he can do nothing about crime as long as the GOP-controlled legislature in Missouri will not pass such additionaly restrictions on guns.  The Mayor, the Police Board, the Star  and the community leaders can do a great deal to fight crime.  First, the Mayor:  Make a speech saying as long as he is mayor and a member of the Police Board any KCPD officer accused of racist misconduct will get due process. Second, the Police Board:  Issue a public statement telling the men and women of the KCPD that if accused of racist misconduct  they will get due process.  Third, the Star:  Run the op-ed of mine that has been sitting on the Editorial Board's desk for five years:  The one that says:  "It is just as wrong to deny due process to a white police officer in 2008 accused of racism as it was to deny due process to a black man in 1908 accused of raping a white woman."  Fourth, the community leaders:  Say that they will stop threatening convention boycotts to get their way on controversial issues of police misconduct. The crime wave in KCMO that has been going on for the past five years is exclusively in the black neighborhoods and was sparked by the mishandling of the Salva tragedy by the city's political class--due to that mishandling, out of sheer self-survival the cops stopped doing their job in the black neighborhoods of the city.  Mr. Mayor, wake up and smell the coffee. Our city's crime disaster is not going to be solved by the Missouri state legislature.  Take care and God bless.  Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans