Thursday, August 22, 2013

El Pollo Rey

I finally made it to El Pollo Rey this week and I wasn't let down one bit. The chicken at this place is probably the best in the city (including Strouds) and the service was equally as good.  

Things of note

  • The Argentine area presents a sense of community that is hard to find in the metro.  
  • The number of open businesses in that area is amazing.  Kudos to the hard working people of the Argentine area for building a community full of small businesses that employ locals. 
  • You must order the whole chicken because the half wont last once you get a taste.  
  • The wings are good but nothing special 
  • The fresh tortillas were Awesome!  Half of them didn't make it home.
  • If you are afraid of going to places where english is the 2nd language then you wont like this place.  A plus to that though is that there isn't a single person from Prairie Village or Leawood there.