Thursday, September 05, 2013

Emanuel Cleaver is a COWARD

Soooo, Emanuel Cleaver would like to speak to all of the KCMO residents regarding Syria? I guess KCMO residents aren't worth as much as Syrians. Emanuel Cleaver hasn't done crap to help out residents in his own community that are getting gunned down on a nightly basis but has time for Syrians? What a freaking joke.

When will people in this country pay attention to our violence, our poverty etc.. instead of shipping off money to other countries?

We need to fix our crap first before we interfere with some BS civil war that doesn't have anything to do with us. A civil war in which the side that our president would like to assist are responsible for the deaths of 1000's of Americans?

This is all for show and nothing more than that. Where is he when there are issues facing our area? Does he want to discuss immigration, healthcare, IRS CORRUPTION, BENGHAZI, jobs or how our government is spying on us? 

WHERE IS HE ON THESE ISSUES????????????????? F^&^ Syria