Almost Daily Link Blast

11 links that you would of probably missed if it weren't for me being so generous.  

1.  15 HONEST corporate slogans -  Hilarious 
2.  Sam Can Chicken Recipe from Chef David Burke - The Samuel Adams Blog 
3.  City Living vs. Suburban Living - AskMen 
4.  10 of the Most Epic Stoner Foods Around - (food, weed...) 
5.  15 Worst Real Estate Photos Ever - 
6.  10 Strange Sex Facts From Around The World - Listverse 
7.  More than half of couples DON'T have sex on their wedding night - mostly because the groom is too drunk | Mail Online 
8.  City Concerned Over Business Offering Cuddles and Hugs 
9.  10 Films I'm Glad My Dad Made Me Watch As A Kid 
10.  Don't Worry About Zombies, At Least As Long As Animals Are Around - Neatorama 
11.  10 dumbest smartphone features | Fox News 

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