Tuesday, October 01, 2013

North JOCO is officially the hood.

Drive-by gunfire hits 8-year-old inside Overland Park home | Local News - KMBC Home 

Further proof that North Joco has turned itself into an a huge crap hole is the fact that this shooting took place in the hood that I lived in from grades 2-8.  This neighborhood use to be a nice quiet place where kids played football and baseball in the street, walked to school without fear of being snatched and had block mothers on every street.  Now, its the hood.  Shootings, drug deals, blight and even an empty elementary school in the area.  

Maybe the law enforcement agencies in the area will stop worry about people going 10mph over the speed limit and worry about policing the neighborhoods.   

When was the last time you saw a patrol car going through your neighborhood?  Yeah, I can't remember either.