Tuesday, February 04, 2014

24 hour coverage of 5 inches of snow????

Wow, you would that the world was coming to an end if you watched local news tonight. The crap that they are now reporting on is so trivial and unimportant that they are losing any chance of actually relaying important information to their viewers.

How many locations do I have to see field reporters stand in front of a camera and say "Yep it's snowing, don't drive if you don't have to?

Or my favorite new one, showing reporters driving on the roads. I think they are trying to recreate the effect of helicopters covering tornados. The only problem with that is sever storms need to be tracked and tornados can pop out at anytime during a threatening storm. These roads have been getting bad for over 8 hours now! This isn't late breaking news.

I keep waiting for Katie Horner to make a surprise appearance on my screen to tell me to wear a helmet when out shoveling.
Meanwhile, the rest of the nation doesn't give two craps about a snow storm that doesn't take place on the East coast.  Not one major news site last night even mentioned this "horrific" snow fall on their webpage last night.  This is just an example of the media not giving a crap about what happens to the rest of us out here in fly over country.

Which is worst?

Below are the front pages of 4 major news sites as of midnight last night.