Friday, April 18, 2014

Almost Daily Link Blast

Back at it for you uninteresting internet searching bastards.  

1.  Missouri can't even keep a crappy coach that everyone said that they should of fired.  Simple Jack believes that it was MU's idea. lol
2. Is Portland Piss worse than Missouri River dead hooker water? And if not, then why the hell do we drink the water from that polluted ass river. 
3.  Obama MIGHT be considered a liar
4.  I would say it is now safe to drive on Missouri Highways but umm yeah
5.  Holy crap someone actually had sex with Chelsea Clinton.
6.  Lisa Carter is taking her "trending" annoyance elsewhere.
7. 10 Near-Trades That Would've Changed NBA History | Mental Floss
8.  30 'Star Wars' Facts You Didn't Know
9.  These Are the Countries that Last the Longest in Bed |
10.  Eccentric axe uses physics to make splitting firewood easier - Boing Boing
11.  How Boston Are You?