Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Almost Daily Link Blast

Freedoms lost are seldom regained.  

1.  John Kerry wants to walk back his hatred for Jews.  Too late.

2.  The Federal Government wants to monitor any and all hate speech on the internet.  I guess that nobody will ever be allowed to post a speech given by a Democrat or Union leader.
3.  One of the key demographics for Democrats (young voters) have a record low level of trust in government.  I think I know why....
4.  Free WIFI from Google in KC.
5.  Abducted Nigerian schoolgirls auctioned off to Boko Haram jihadis for $12.45 each : Jihad Watch
6.  The Next Century of Sustainable Communities Will Be Organized Around Transportation - John L. Renne - The Atlantic Cities
7.  White House report on big data and privacy: Too little, too late | ZDNet
8.  Are You Aware How Using Social Media Websites Invites Burglars? - Newark Computer | Examiner.com
9.  Who’s Locked Up in America | Locked Up In America | FRONTLINE | PBS
10.  10 Of The Dumbest Terrorists Ever (dumb terrorist, al qaeda, islamic terrorism, jihad, jihadist) - ODDEE