Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gang Crackdown - Yeah Right

Police, prosecutors warn gangs: We're coming after you | Local News - KMBC Home

1.  Do we really believe that this time they "really" mean it?  This carries as much weight as every other BS new conference that we have heard over the past decade regarding crime, guns, gangs, stupid ass national mayor initiatives etcc
2.  Is Kansas City finally admitting to having a gang problem?  For over a decade now elected officials and the media have ignored the local gang activity and never linked any of it to the violence.  This of course was done to play down how violent this city has become. 
3.  Being a member of a gang isn't illegal. Saying that they are going to crack down on gang bangers in this city still will require people to commit crimes and witnesses to testify.  Are we to believe that the Tips hotline is going to suddenly be ringing off the hook?  Give me a freaking break.