Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Picture of the Day

Liberal Suckage in the News

The only life form lower than a cockroach is a liberal.  

1.  Illinois corrupt voting machines aren't a surprise to anyone that has been paying attention for the
past 70 years.
2.  Obama prepares to piss all over our constitution after the election after the election.
3.  White House tries to cover up the fact that amnesty is on its way
4.  The First Transvestite, Michelle, tries to divide America even further.
5.  Blackmail from black residents of Saint Louis.  They want blood even if the guy is innocent.  Gentle Giant my ass.  That is just like Trayvon being Obamas son.
6.  Only a Liberal would try to pull of this crap.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Almost Daily Link Blast

Because you suck at searching the internet for anything but porn.

2. “unfamiliarity” with bathrooms .  Yes this is 2014
3.  CNN Liberal Elitist exposed for their poor treatment of employees
4.  How to treat Swamp Ass.
5. Men and Porn: An Introduction | The Art of Manliness
7. American captive of Islamic State, Peter Kassig, has converted to Islam : Jihad Watch
8. 10 Urban Legends About Sex That Turned Out To Be True - Listverse
9. Treon Harris of Florida Gators suspended indefinitely because of legal matter - ESPN

Terrorist Charter Schools?

First science then arts and now jihad.  Charter schools now have every subject covered. 

How Stupid are Kansas residents?

I hate to say it but I think that Kansan's might be some of the most ignorant people to have ever walked the surface of this planet.  What other group of residents would vote for Joan Finney, Kathleen Sebelius and Phil Kiline and now have Orman leading Old Man Roberts?  I would say that the voters in KCMO were worst but half the residents that live in KCMO are felons so they can't vote.  
Go ahead and vote for Orman you ignorant hick that believe that he is independent.  Just don't start crying a year from now when he lets you down and shows you his true liberal elitist colors.