Thursday, May 07, 2015

Almost Daily Link Blast

This series of posts gave a local radio show station an idea to redo their whole line up.  Right Trending KC.....
1.  The Tuttle Tiger Safari sends tigers into tornado damage. 
2.  The most dangerous grocery store in the city is about to be built.  
4.   Channel 41 believes that making more money is bad for women.   Believes that welfare is a better route. 
5.  Government can't even track how many freaking agencies that they have.  That should instill calmness in us all. 
7.  THE PITCH writes a great article about a woman and an area that most of JOCO has never heard of Ann Murguiai
8.  Patriot Act conspiracy theories are starting to come up as it's expiration date draws near.
9.   Check Out this awesome COLD WAR bunker on imugr