Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kansas Burlesque Festival

Have the state of Kansas and the city of Topeka sunk to such desperate times that they are promoting a stripper show full of Topeka skanks?  Nothing beats watching a bunch of 40 year old women with C-Section scars and hairy nipples gyrate for money.  

Videos and music may be submitted as links to online content OR on a disc. Videos will become property of VTI and the Jayhawk Theatre and may or may not be provided back to performer when music is returned. This is for promotional use ONLY.
Nudity is NOT allowed.  Pasties, g-strings or marking are required.
Fire acts are NOT allowed.
Routines should NOT exceed 5 minutes.
I went ahead and linked the application for those of you that want to be in show business.  

This is good but Uber is bad?