Sickness and Health is BULLSHIT

UPDATED 02-2019
The Jinx of Life and why I have not been blogging

  • Aug 2014 Motorcycle accident serious head injury causing memory issues and CTE
  • October 2015 Cancer found behind my eye. Rare cancer that only 2K people a year get in America.  
  • October 2015 I lose sight in my left eye due to cancer
  • June 2017 - Wife files for Divorce to get my attention when I check bank account notice that all money is gone into a private account of hers.
  •  Holidays 2018 - Wife files for divorce again before I can come home from work-related travel leaving me stranded at an apartment with nothing.
When asked why the divorce the woman said, she wasn't able to handle cancer and the accident changes in me.........  Meaning, she had to get a job to help pay bills for the first time in 12 years lol.  So yeah, awesome right?

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  1. Wow, I wondered what happened to you. So sorry about your health issues.