Cancer Sucks and so do you

I have had several people reach out to me over the past 12 months wondering what the hell happened to me.  As I mentioned when I came back last time I was in a severe motorcycle accident that has caused me to have CTE so my blogging
was going to be cut down to only a few days a week.  Well it got worst after that.

Last October I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer that has made me blind in my left eye.  Radiation has shrunk the tumor but they can not remove it without risk of it spreading to my brain and liver.  So yeah, I have  not been in the mood for blogging about the problems we have as a city, county, region or nation while I am dealing with my own life or death issues despite the ample amount of material that idiots in this country have given me.

Having said that I am going to try again and hope that I don't suffer from other setback in my health.

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  1. Wow, I wondered what happened to you. So sorry about your health issues.