Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Due to the recent ruling against me and the threat of jail time unless I comply with their ruling I am officially mothballing this site.  It will remain up so that
future projects including podcasting etc.. can refer back to some of the classics but there will be zero new content coming from here (besides the Judge ordered post). 

Most of those post was satire and occurred at a point in my life in which I now realize was some of the most miserable of my existence.  I was truly unhappy and it is now that I feel free and happy despite my financial ruin and the constant harassment I receive from the ex.  Even with one eye, cancer, zero money, constant head pain and memory loss from my motorcycle accident and my kids being brainwashed and being used as a bargaining chip against me I am happier now that I have been since 2012.  The only thing missing is honestly my children.

So with that, the new content will focus on where I am now etc.. instead of the negativity that brought me into my situation.