Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Almost Daily Link Blast - Back Again

Relaunching our Link Blast because well, even after all this time, you people still suck at the internet. Here are 10 things to read/share before we hit Thanksgiving. 


1.  There are absolute crap holes in KC and then there is Pride "trailer park" on 40 highway.  Like most things along 40 highway, people want it torn down.  Kudos to the KCMO WT for

keeping this legacy going.

2.  Miami county women JUST got a lot more attractive. 

3.  Kansas area small town Christmas traditions

4.  The right time of the year to put up Christmas decorations is...

5.  History looks back at the first Thanksgiving 400 years ago.  

6.  Best Nintendo DS games under $15

7.  Socialism was rejected by the Pilgrims, it is just too bad that the country was stupid enough to flirt with it again.

8.   Chappelle bitch slaps Netflix into submission 

9.  This woman put together a list of all the ways you should stop finding women attractive.  This leaves what exactly????????

10.  Top 10 list of F'd up things that Florida woman have done.