Wednesday, January 27, 2021

JOCO GOV SHITS your Grandparents bed over Covid shots

 So I just read a story posted by KMBC stating that old people were forced to stand outside while
waiting for Covid shots and it didn't surprise me in the slightest bit.  You see, for several years now the JOCO gov and courts have become bloated and self important.  It use to be a government that was lean and mean yet caring for its citizens.  Now the size of the government, the buildings it "needs" and their need to interject themselves into every aspect of your private life is being exposed.

Big government never works.  Instead it becomes a monster that has the main goal of feeding and protecting itself at the expense of those that depend on BASIC government functions such as Public Safety.  So ask yourself this, how does a government full of sooooooo many "bright minds" leave the elderly out in the freezing cold?  Couldn't they been just as stupid with fewer employees and less money?

Let us not pretend that we are sending the counties best and brightest to work in these jobs either.  Has anyone ever been to a municipal office or courthouse?  90% of the people there wouldn't have a job if there ability, intelligence and professionalism was put out on the private market.  You would think that Covid layoffs would afford the JOCO government to upgrade its staff wouldn't you?  Well, getting shit canned from one of these places is next to impossible.  You can steal, embezzle, call in sick, forge documents, sleep with your direct reports etc... and you get what, written up?

Until the JOCO government cuts spending and hold their employees accountable we can expect more old people freezing to death outside waiting for a shot.