Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Kansas Unemployment Coming out of Stoneage?????

 Those of us from the great state of Kansas know how back asswards the state is when it comes to
several issues.  Liquor laws, marijuana use, gambling and of course, technology.  As someone that has taken part on the bids on IT projects within the state I can tell you that quality and efficiency are never considered.  The state of Kansas does tech on the cheap.  The salaries are typically 30% lower than market which attracts the low rung of the food chain.  There are no dynamic thinkers, current technology or methodologies.  What you do get when you work with the Kansas IT department is a guaranteed payday with little expectations, supervision and repercussions if the project fails. 

So instead of Kansas being proactive and updating their systems to say, 2005 levels, they let them fail and then scramble to fix them.  Don't expect anything more than a Band Aid though.  They will claim financial hardships brought on by Covid etc. but when isn't the state undergoing a financial hardship?  What programs actually work in Kansas besides the only money making scheme they have, the courts.  You see, in the land of Ahhhs, they run the most crooked court system in the country so that they can nickel and dime every interaction you have with law enforcement.

If Kansas would legalize oh say, gambling, weed etc..  Maybe they would be able to not only have money to fix their shotty infrastructure but they might see a quality of life increase in the state.  But Granny Kelly ain't the one to lead that charge..