Thursday, March 04, 2021

KC DOUCHE OF THE MONTH - Philip Nel the Race Expert..

In the world of douchebaggery in this academic might take the cake when it comes to his "groundbreaking" research on the likes of Green Eggs & Ham.  One has to

ask yourself this question, are you the one that is racist when you read these books and declare that they are racist?  Don't you have to have some preconceived notions on stereotypes to tie innocent children's books to race?  What type of household were you raised in that your ignorant sheltered white liberal ass could come up with such a tie-in?

Is it any surprise that this racist is white, lives in the middle of Kansas(for the past 21 years), and came from a privileged family(Massachusetts elite)?  Does this guy have any understanding of other cultures beyond what he saw on The Cosby Show and Good Times?  He is 51 years old and I am pretty sure that this is the only reference that his uncultured ass has for minorities.  

His only claim to fame in life is exactly this "Dr. Seus is racist", there is nothing else to see in his career.  Nothing.  His Twitter handle reads "Black Lives Matter" because he has nothing else than liberal white guilt.  His White guilt however shows that he in fact only cares about his White Life Mattering.  KState should be ashamed and Kansas taxpayers should demand that they stop paying this man's salary.

With so many other issues involving race in this country, you would think that someone that claimed to care about the black community as much as he does would focus on that.  Not some rhyming children's books.   

He has a tweet stating the following
 For Seuss-and-race inquiries ⬇️
1. Media, please DM or email. Will respond ASAP.
2. Further info. via links at top of this:
3. It's been a busy day & I am doing my best to respond as swiftly as I can.⬇️

SO PLEASE be sure to email the White Eilitist from bumfuck Kansas and Mass about RACE INQUIRIES!  WTF!!!!!!!!  

How delusional is this guy?