Monday, March 08, 2021

KSHB Will Not Identify Criminal Suspects Unless

KSHB just came out on the side of criminals, in a city full of crime.  You can
now only get a description of the criminal if they have a tattoo on their face saying I am a criminal or wearing a bozo nose.  Otherwise, the descriptions will not be given.  You see they have these guidelines because they think that they are born racist and that you the viewer are too.  If you hear that a suspect is a certain race, they assume that KC residents will believe that every person of that race will be guilty of the crime.

Sure there are moronic people out there that think that way but since when do we as a community cater to the morons? 

The minute you get a liberal stating that they are in favor of this move is the minute you are sitting across from a racist.  You see, they won't say that this is due to "black lives matter" but it is.  Isn't it a backward way of saying that they have been a racist in the past?  This is a lot like a fat person setting guidelines on food to lose weight but not admitting that they have been or are fat.  

The shit you find when scanning the local headlines is mind-numbing.  This makes 2 posts about race in a freaking day when this is the last freaking subject I want to discuss.  The news media sucks because both of these posts come out of the organizations themselves trying to call us all racist.  Fuck them