Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Random Blog Shit

  • Music-I get asked about the videos I choose all the time.  The simple answer is that it ties in with either what I am covering or what I am feeling at the time.  And yes, this is all crap I listen to. If you don't like the music, then you have shitty taste in music.
  • Politics - The more we step away from Trump and his conspiracy theories, the more comfortable I feel in covering politics again without being lumped in with the mentally deranged people of Trump. 
  • Contacting me - The email address is on the sidebar
  • Location - So Covid delayed my return to JOCO from 1yr of living in the South due to business.  I do plan on making it back to JOCO this year once this lease is up
  • Podcast plans - I scratched them last year once I researched the shows that wanted to partner with me.  I would not join any ProTrump podcast during the election.  I was fine with being AntiBiden, but once again, there was no way I would tarnish my name by drinking his Orange Kool-Aid.
  • Twitter - Yes, I ended my blog's Twitter Feed once I went through all of the health issues that I went through from 2014-2016.  Yes, it will return shortly.
  • JOCO Court Case - My case ended in May of 2019 and there are zero remaining hearings.  This means that they can not tie posts I made regarding the courts into my personal civil case and use it is leverage against me.  So yeah, 2022, Unelect Foth in 2022.
  • Readership - So at my height I was seeing over 1000 views per day.  Well, not really blogging more than 5 months over the past 5 years kinda hit that number hard.  Or maybe nobody reads blogs like they use to?  I use to get mentioned by radio/tv stations, recognized my links being shared with people that didn't know it was me etc..  I will never return to daily blogs, but rest assured, this SOB ain't going anywhere for at least the next 3 years.  Unless I die from cancer.  So yeah, cancer could end the blog, because that kinda ends everything.  So if you still read, tell people to check us out.  We say the shit that should be said in the metro.  Everyone else is stuck on stupid, afraid to be canceled etc..