Monday, March 15, 2021

The Morons that Surround You

When you read the Twitter responses to the Senator that is a freaking doctor in
Kansas regarding Covid, it is hilarious.  The left is so clueless that they are blaming a US Senator instead of the moron that is in charge, the leftist dumbass Governor.  What role does the US Senator have in vaccine distribution, closings of businesses, schools, etc??  NONE.  

So to the dim-witted, please learn how government works before you take to social media to blame people that can't control your situation simply because they are a Republican that you don't like.  Look at the unqualified grandma that you elected, your STATE reps and senator, county commissioners, mayors, and judges.  Do you even know who reps your hood on a local level? Probably not.

These slow-thinking blue people on social media in KS are hilarious and full of misguided rage.  Check them out for a good laugh.