Monday, March 01, 2021

When Liberals Fall, We Laugh

 Sooooo, it isn't such a great time to be on the "winning" side is it?  I sat back for
the past year and watched all of the white women get excited whenever any of the below men/women spoke.  I heard how wonderful and un Orangeman that they were.. It appears that grabbing them by the P**** was amateur hour compared to the shenanigans that are currently taking place.  And just wait until the George Floyd trial jumps off this spring and it is warm enough for riots.  

1.  To say that Cuomo has a problem with the way he treats women is kinda an
understatement "eat the whole sausage".  Classy

2.  Investigations into sexual harassment to go along with those taking place with his policies killing grandma and grandpa.

3.  Cuomo uses the "I now understand" defense.  Bullshit.  TOTAL CAUGHT LIBERAL BULLSHIT.  Didn't these jackoffs learn anything from the #metoo scandal where 100's of liberals also went down.  

4.  The ultraleftist leader of California is yet another example of do what I say and not what I do.  Here he is caught on TikTok in a lie about his dining habits.  Gavin Newsome has been a piece of crap for decades, yet you are just now paying attention.

5.  Biden vs. Bezos - One liberal leader is against Unions and the other is pushing for unions and higher wages.  Which jackass will win?

6.  Biden is ready to push a piece of legislation that is going to set race relations back to the 1950s.  Having Americans that don't even know of a relative that was alive when slavery was legal to come out of pocket for reparations is quite possibly the most ignorant policy initiative this country has considered.  If this were to take place it should have happened in 1921, not 2021.  Does this mean that every minority is going to expect some sort of payment?  How about the Irish?

7.  Liberals in Hollywood come under attack again for backing White Women instead of minorities.

8.  Teachers Union leader in California is guilty of shutting down the schools for everyone but the wealthy, as her own daughter.