Friday, April 23, 2021

Asking a question that has been answered - KC STAR

 Once again the KC Star is trying to make the citizens of the metro out to be a bunch of fools.  Why else would they put out an event titled " A discussion of
poverty and gun violence"

What is there to be discussed?  People that feel as if they have little to no options will resort to nontraditional occupations to survive.  This isn't exactly breaking news.  Inside these nontraditional occupations, violence is almost sure to follow.  Once again, not breaking news.

Then we will hear about how more jobs in communities will cure this problem, it will not.  Those jobs will pay 1/4 of what people can make outside of gentrified jobs and the demand for the products/services that they were offering will remain.  This has been the case since even before prohibition.  So tell me, what does this plan to solve?

If my eyes ain't red, it's all in my head"

Once said by a Ph.D med

"Legalize and I'll advertise

The only way to truly solve this issue is to legalize drugs, gambling, and prostitution.  "legalize and I will advertise" - Keith Murray

Once you knock the bible out of the hands of legislative types that spend all of their time focussing on "sin crimes" instead of schools etc.. THEN you will see change.  Something tells me that The KC Star doesn't have near the juice to get this accomplished.  Not even 50 years ago when the paper had some credibility and power could it accomplish this.  Today's paper doesn't have enough credibility left to influence a single issue (large or small) in the city.