Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Symbolism over Substance - KC Streets

I just read that for the 3rd time in almost as many years, KC is set to
name a street after Martin Luther King Jr.  This to me is almost as transparent as the white skin that has kept such a street from being named for nearly 50 years.  Doesn't every metro area in the nation already have a street named after the civil rights pioneer?  Shit, some have 2 streets, 4 schools, and a bridge but not KC.  

So what changed?  Could it be that in a city that has ignored racial issues inside its borders that they decided to right a wrong?  Fuck no.  You see, it is all in an effort to become a WOKE city.  

Sure, the schools, crime, economic conditions, and infrastructure are worst now than they have been in decades (despite investing tens of millions of dollars into these neighborhoods) but at least the street, any street it seems, will finally be renamed.  It is a token gesture made by a token government to provide them with change that will not bring about real change.

Why would they want change when they are getting wealthy off of keeping the problems?  KC leadership at all levels is a complete joke and it has been since I have been a kid.  School Board, City Council, Commissioners, Mayor, Religious leaders etc.. have all gotten wealthy off of the backs of others living in subpar conditions.  

Hell, the only real areas of progress have occurred when those idiots have kept to themselves.  The only thriving areas in the city happened despite the "leadership" and not because of.  

This street name change does have some roots.  Go back to the 1700s and see what the Native Americans gave up for some needs and mirrors.