Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Murder Stats for a Racist City - Put up or Shut Up

Since we are in a world where stats are available for everything and anything

crime-related I have one request.  Can we please have a breakdown of the ethnicity of the killer and the victim?

Since media outlets, local politicians and, "religious leaders" want to blame white folks for crimes against every race, can we please see the breakdown?  If there is truly a line that can be drawn linking the 71 murders in the city to an epidemic of racism by white folks in the city then I will stand up and join the left and start putting together my Black Lives Matter sign tonight.  I like most people in this city will not tolerate racism.  

But when those stats come back and show a different story, will the left-wing extremists in the city stop their meaningless calls for defunding the police and instead focus on the real issues that are causing Killa City to go buck wild? Or are those topics too difficult to tackle?  Not trendy enough for people exploiting skyrocketing body counts?  Until the city is ready to honestly discuss the causes of the spike the city will never end this trend. 

Let me see the stats.  You would think that white folks are going around and pulling minorities out of cars and ending them all over the metro, right?