Monday, September 13, 2021

Be Happy KC, you have no problems at all...

 It amazes me on a daily basis how bad the local media really is.  If you open any of the news sites today then you will see 2 major themes.  Gay rights exhibits and YES, COVID.  Nothing about the shitty schools, corrupt mayor, violence, inflation, affordable housing, Afghanistan, immigration, or any o the other issues that we face daily.  We get two stories straight out of the white-elitist playbook. Two stories that protect those overseeing the decline of our society due to their ability to distract and divide.  

In 2021 who is against Gay rights?  Shit, who was against gay rights 10 years ago?  I would be willing to bet that the number is below 15%.  

And Covid?  How many fucking stories do we need about Covid?  It is like these idiots replaced 24/7 coverage of Trump with 24/7 coverage of Covid.  Maybe they all just simply lack the talent to take on other stories.  Or maybe the editors and producers of these outlets simply start each day by saying "let's cover Covid from 1000 angles" this week.  Or maybe they just don't give a shit about those other topics.  

There was a time in this city when people actually gave a crap about people getting popped every day, not being able to read, afford homes (despite working), soldiers getting slaughtered for no reason, the price of gas, price of food, price of electricity if there were enough officers on the streets to answer 911 calls if the roads and bridges were safe to drive on, etc... 

Or maybe it isn't just the media, maybe the residents of the metro don't give a shit about those topics either. If that is the case, then the city has bigger problems than we could even begin to realize.  Maybe the metro is getting the type of media coverage it deserves.