Thursday, October 07, 2021

JOCO Families Financial Panic

 Nooooo, not "those" JOCO families, the other ones that do not live in a gated community and swap wives on Thursday nights.  The regular middle-class family or better yet, what is left of the middle-class family in JOCO (much more to come on that later) is paying a lot more for basic goods/services than they were under Trump.  It is a fact that can not be argued because, well, all that you have to do is look at the prices of almost everything.

1.  Gas Prices

2. Grocery Prices

3.  Electric Bills

4.  Clothing

5.  Housing

6.  Auto maintenance 

7.  New/Used automobiles

8.  Prescriptions

9.  After school activities

10.  Health & Beauty products

11.  All food consumed outside of the home including Starbucks etc.

So while this idiot is telling you that his economic policies will only hit those making over 400k, you can clearly see that when you take TAXES out of the equation, the rest of the country is getting fleeced by this Utopian Socialist Dream that he was sold on.  Remember this when it comes election time and you decide to vote somebody out that sends mean Tweets.  Instead, ignore Twitter and enjoy all the money that you have by having someone that actually knows what good economic policy looks like. 

Some of you are about to take a giant hit in funds coming into the household so you might want to start preparing.