Friday, November 12, 2021

JOCO Dipshit Alert - Be on the Look Out

 Be on the alert for wealthy JOCO elites to soon start driving Dodge
Ram trucks, wearing black cowboy hats, and of course the giant belt buckle.  Look for liquor stores to stock up on domestic beers that most people stop drinking once they turn 21.  Look for these douche bags to start using terms like "barrel racing", cowboying, rodeoing and "train station".  

That is right, Yellowstone is now mainstream.  

We went through this once before when Sons of Anarchy started becoming popular.  Suddenly while I was out on my Harley, I would see tons of yuppie fucks on their brand new Harleys wearing SOA leather cuts.  I shit you not, these idiots thought that they were cool and that bikers that had been riding for years wouldn't clown them.  We did.  Sure the show was great, but come on! 

You are a bland ordinary JOCO white.  The only struggle you have ever had in your life is taking a good Linkedin photo. The only time you faced death, swimming in the water at the Lake of the Ozarks.  

 Your lives have been such blank/bland uneventful canvases that you think you paint whatever identity you want on that canvas.  You are playing yourselves.  Go back to the gym, track your steps on your Fitbit and get ready for your next key party.  Stop trying to reinvent your bland life.  

You are just as annoying as JOCO women that thought that life should be like Friends or Sex in the City.