Monday, November 15, 2021

Whataburger Hype is not warranted in Blandas City

 Have any of the people waiting at line this morning at 345am even had a freaking Whataburger?  I
would have to say that the answer is NO.  Let me save you the aggregation of waiting in line and getting let down, the burgers are above average but not great and the fries are brutal.  You could honestly make better fries with an air fryer.  

If you go to a community that has Whataburger and you drive by the place, you will see the drive-thru with minimal traffic.  Yet, you clowns are so caught up in Mahomes hype for this place that you are willing to wait in long ass lines, get up at the crack of dawn to stand in line, etc..?  What does that say about what is going on in Blandas City?  A fast-food joint opens and the city goes crazy, the newspapers have it as a months-long cover story, TV crews cover it like the Kennedy shooting, and radio show hosts passing off "paid reads" as real hype.  

You all should seriously get outside of your KC bubble a little bit more often.  If you did you would see that there are dozens of fast-food chains that we do not have that are far superior to this place.  There are fast food places that were here in the 80-90s that came and went that are far superior to this place.  Yet you Lemmings will blow up this spot for 6 weeks and then stop going.  

If you haven't had it, go ahead and try it but don't be one of the above-mentioned idiots and waste your time standing in line, waiting in your car, etc...  If you do go, get the onion rings instead of the fries.