Thursday, December 16, 2021

KC STAR blames windy days on "climate change"

 These idiots might actually be idiots.   Anyone that has lived in KC for more than a decade knows that
November/December weather is sketchy.  I can remember many a day taking my Harley out for a ride in December, weeks after I figured riding season was over.  I can also remember freezing my ass off and digging out of snowdrifts in December.  Climate change isn't affecting KC, this is KC. 

But let's look at this as a Macro issue instead of a Micro issue for just a minute for all of the liberal elites that have in my years gone from the new ice age, Ozone layer, Global Warming, to the encompassing, climate change that they have been spewing for the past 3 years.

  • As long as China, India, Russia, and Mexico keep polluting at record rates, does it really matter what we do in this area? Or in this country?
  • Why aren't the elites eliminating their use of private jets?
  • What type of carbon footprint does a freaking volcano leave?  Think about it
  • Satelite launches, space station mission, anything with a human or cargo going into space has to equal how much to the carbon footprint?  How many years/homes per year does one launch equal?
  • Overdevelopment of lands.  Instead of restoring old neighborhoods to their former glory, people just sprawl.  Will the elites be willing to sacrifice the latest and greatest of gated communities to reduce their footprint?
  • Our supply chain is made up the way it is now because the countries that now manufacture everything have almost zero EPA-like regulations.  So not only is the carbon footprint the same, just in a different place, we now have planes/ships carrying the cargo back to the United States.  Which Ummm increases the carbon footprint
  • We shut down oil/gas in the United States, yet still, need this and beg the Mideast for it, and umm they aren't exactly EPA friendly drill sites, etc.
It seems to me that the liberal nut jobs in this country once again are not following the science.  They do not understand the GLOBAL part of the Global Warming crap they are spewing.  NOTHING that we do here in this region or country will amount to shit as long as the above crap keeps happening.  So before we start tanking our economy, our independence, and our ability to live a normal life, address the bigger issues.  

There is one thing that we small people can do and it really has nothing to do with climate change, stop littering.  Drive through any Blue county and what do you see?  Streets full of trash blowing through it.  So yeah, stop leaving your trash, needles, feces, casings, abandoned bodies, gel caps, underwear, booze bottles anywhere you want.  Also, try not to torch our businesses, automobiles, or homes(smoke is smoke).  Stop traveling to D.C. to invade the capital.  Common sense people.