Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Copy my shit but give me credit

 During my time off I got numerous emails from people pointing to social media posts made my current
or "future" politicians basically copying my takes word for word.  Now the vast majority of these politicians regardless of their party are people that I would not ever support with anything more than a vote that canceled out the lesser of the two evils.  What is even worse, they didn't even acknowledge where they got their take, info, etc.. No link, no mention, nothing.  

Now the reason they didn't is pretty clear, if they would have directed them to the source, they would have found the context and overall sentiment that came along with some of those posts.  They then would have realized that I do not support the person posting them.

Just because two people like the same flavor of ice cream, doesn't mean that they agree with your life story, let alone your voting record or what comes out of your mouth.  

I post a ton of links to stories I read, along with a short write-up about what I believe.  I always give credit to news sources so that people can make their own decision about the story, read the whole article INTACT and see that my summary was actually pretty spot on.  

ALSO, I very rarely endorse politicians.  And I can honestly say that there is not an elected official in the metro area (local or national) that I have endorsed.  Scour the blog.  I think the last guy I thought was worth a shit was Rubio, that you morons passed on for Trump...