Thursday, June 23, 2022

Complaints about gentrification in KCMO

McCube Homes Taking Over KCMO 

When the elite white folks in KCMO want to upgrade their living
situation they don't care who it affects.  Affordable living in KCMO is a thing of the past as white flight is now reversing and the people that these liberal elites are driving away from generational homes are the ones that they pretended to care oh so much about.  

So where will these folks end up going?  KCK, Grandview, Raytown, Independence, and even parts of Lee's Summit.  In 10 years the diversity of KCMO will be almost nonexistent for middle-class minority families.  In its place will be the elitist liberal white families in homes, white hipsters in lofts, and government housing for minorities. Look no further than NYC and Chicago for examples.  If you thought the Troost redline was bad, just wait.