Friday, August 26, 2022

Bidenomics Hits Metro - Thank a liberal

Can you imagine if Biden and his liberal douches had a sound economic plan that
let people keep their money instead of it going to the gov, the gov then deciding how much you should get, then handing out the rest of your money to other people that they deem worthy?  Say, for example, this 10k student loan forgiveness bullshit.

We all know people that ran up huge student debt and then spent that money on almost everything except school and THEN didn't even finish that degree OR are not even using that degree in their current employment situation or any employment situation they have ever had.  Yes, that was a long run-on sentence.  My college costs were covered by my time in the Marine Corps so I was frugal with what I spent on education and bailed on college once I started making good money in the private sector.  

How about you douches that accepted Covid money?  I personally didn't take a dime, but I know lots of you idiots that took the money despite having a job and money in savings.  Greedy fucks.

So now, Metro residents can look forward to the following stories mentioned in the news today (I am surprised they are even covering it)

1.  KS folks will be paying out the ass in natural gas prices this year.  Remember, we have so much gas in the US that we were exporting it cheaply.  Now this.
2.  Chiefs fans will not only face increased ticket prices, but those smoked ribs might need to be changed to smoked bologna due to food costs.

If you are smart, then you read this blog and know I am always right.  If you go back to posts made shortly after Biden took control I predicted almost every single economic struggle that we would face.  Socialism doesn't work.