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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

BIGGEST IDIOT IN KANSAS CITY? If you mow it, they will come

I am Woody Woodruff, a Bannister Mall businessman. I oppose KMBC's recent editorial supporting Kansas City tax-increment financing to tear down Bannister Mall to build major league and other nonprofessional soccer fields and retail stores on the grounds.It would be extremely wasteful of public resources to demolish the 40 good buildings that comprise the Bannister Mall area to build a soccer complex now and new business space in the distant future.A better approach would be to better manage the 40 existing good buildings, simply cut the grass, and add to what is already thereThe interests. of the black community and Kansas City, for good jobs, tax revenues, and economic development would be better served by reopening the main mall now, and by investing time in getting the state permission to build a casino in the future. The mall has only been closed for four months. Kansas City should allow more time for other ideas and proposals to emerge.
I saw this live on Sunday night and couldn't believe the garbage that was coming out of this guys mouth. IF YOU CUT THE GRASS IT WILL FIX EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! This idiot should be glad that people are interested in doing something with that land rather than letting it sit empty and deserted. Are we really suppose to believe that with a little help from George Toma, one of Kansas Cities highest crime areas will turn around and the Bannister Mall area will rival that of developments like Zona Rosa and The Legends? Someone needs to tell Woody that there is a reason that the buildings that once housed retailers moved and until those problems are fixed NOBODY is going to move in there.

Woody Woodruff is turning the failure and redevelopment of the Bannister location into a racial issue. Is this really the biggest problem facing black people in this town?
"If you mow it they will come" might of just put owners of race cards on notice that they will soon expire metro wide.