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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


In a year in which KCMO is on pace to shatter homicide records you can count on KCTV 5 to do the in depth coverage that the people of the metro deserve.

Well maybe not..... Instead they are covering the death of a cat in Lawrence. That's right, it isn't even a local cat. The story discusses the anguish that the guys daughter is going through in losing her cat....Who cares about the parents and children of those getting killed in our own backyards.

This is just another example of the local media letting us down. When are we going to stop hearing about dead pets and swinger parties and start getting some real coverage of our dying city?

Friday, March 28, 2008


Sometimes in life the loss of your biggest rivals are those that leave the biggest marks. This can be said without any doubt about the recent passing of my rival over the past 18 years. From the first time we met this rival and I were at odds and although I tried I was never fully able to bring her over to my side.

This rival was a capable and resourceful foe willing to go at any length needed to win. Some of the tactics utilized by this rival were sleep deprevation, tripping down flights of stairs, chemical weapons, excessive noise, nagging and emotional warfare. I often sat and wondered if this rival had received torture training from the CIA. The skill that I went up against will never be matched by another foe.

This week saw the end of our epic battle and even though she is gone, I know that she won. She always ended up getting her way and never compromised. These battles are going to be missed. So long ICE and thank you for 13 years of entertainment.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


1. Religious leaders capture the true meaning of Christmas.
2. The only cat worst than mine? At least this cat killed its owners quickly. My cat has been slowly going at it for the past 12 years.
3. A girl with half of a brain recently learned to walk. Is this news? I know girls that have half a brain that have been walking for years.
4. Huckabee continues to prove that he is nothing more than a bible thumper in this election. Good job Mike, keep up the good work.