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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Wire - The Return

Did  "The Wire" put us on the local blog map?  Damn right it did.  And just like chalk outlines on a spring KCMO day,we are back.

1.  Gun laws didn't prevent this fine upstanding felon from bringing a gun to the Parade
2.  Do KCMO residents get dead body disposal with their trash pickup?
3.  Does anyone shed a tear anymore when a gas station (KCK of course) gets robbed? Turnabout is fair play.
4.  No weapons or demand note?  Bank robberies suck nowadays. 
5.  If you break your infants legs in KCMO you will only get probation.
6.  Daylight savings time means earlier robberies and gunshots in South KC.
7.  POS De Soto woman pleads guilty to locking her autistic son in the attic.  The story says that the crime scene photos resembled photos of a concentration camp.  This woman shouldn't get a sentence, she should just get the chair.