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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Kyle Flack takes advantage of Franklin County incompetence

And due to their incompetence we will never know if 18 month Lana could of been saved from Kyle Flack.

1.  Can someone tell me how the law enforcement officers for Franklin County got their jobs?  I
don't think I have seen this much incompetence since Barney tried to arrest moonshiners without Andy.
2.  Doesn't attempting to issue an Amber Alert for a missing kid several days after she goes missing go against what the freaking Amber Alert is for?   You don't sound tornado sirens 3 weeks after they hit a city do you?
3.  When you get a call regarding a smell that is worst than garbage SHOULDN'T you investigate it a little further?
4.  That residence was a frequent location of the mother and child. DID YOU NOT THINK to check out that property a little bit earlier in the investigation?

As for the alleged murderer Kyle Flack.  I hope to god that you experience a slow and painful execution.  What type of sick and twisted fuck murders 3 people and a FREAKING TODDLER?  Rot in hell you piece of shit.