Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Bud Light Presents.....Real Men of Genius

~~Real Men of Genius~~

Today we salute you, Mister Humiliated Missouri Tigers Fan

~~Mister Humiliated Missouri Tigers Fan!~~

You are number one in the country.
You beat your rival, and have a chance at the national title.
It's time to print scoreboard t-shirts and worship civil war tyrants.

~~We burned your town down!!!~~

As fast as your QB could pick his nose,
your dream season came crashing down.
Your title hopes died in embarrassing fashion,
and your Chase cried like a little girl.

~~Why does always this happen to me!?!?!?!~~

Fifth downs, Tyrus Edney, Quinn Snyder and now the BCS, once again, you are the laughingstock of college sports nationwide.
I bet you're feeling pretty pathetic right now.

~~This is the worst day of my life!!!~~

So crack open a Bud Light Mister self-professed cursed Tigers fan.
Perhaps if you didn't mock WWII vets or people with cancer on national television,
people would actually give a rats ass about you,
and karma wouldn't be such a bitch.

~~Mister Humiliated Missouri Tigers fan~~

Anheiser-Busch, St. Louis Missouri. Please commit suicide responsibly.