Monday, January 07, 2008


1. Girlfriend, its whats for dinner.

2. Kansas City finally gets a QB it is just to bad that he is going to be playing prison ball.

3. Hillary Clinton is finished and so are the coattails of her husband. Such a sad day.

4. Guys everywhere that had Britney Spears on their laminated top 5 list may actually have a shot now. If ever there was a time to land this chick it is now. Her friends, family, employees etc... are all leaving her. Here is your chance to be the ultimate rebound guy.

5. Does anyone watch the Golden Globes anyways? This could be the one good thing to come out of the writers strike. Less awards shows and more sports = good TV.

6. KCTV-5 can't tell if they are in KCK or KCMO? Story says KCK, graphic KCMO. It is sad that our news people don't know the city well enough to get that right.