Friday, March 21, 2008


1. The fact that on Saint Patrick's Day everyone suddenly is part Irish.
2. Crappy automatic car washes. My car should not look worst when I fork over $12 to get it clean.
3. Sick People out in public. Thanks for getting me sick jackass.
4. The cable company replacing technology that works with crap that doesn't. The new box's that Time Warner is using are pieces of crap.
5. Moving - Even when you hire movers it is a pain in the ass. If I ever move again I will be hiring packers as well.
6. People that complain about their comments not being published.
7. Cold weather - I am sick of this crap. Seriously, snow on freaking Easter?
8. Ignorant Sports "Fans".
9. Clutter
10. No more full service gas stations. Why the hell don't we have these things anymore? I would pay a little extra if it meant that I didn't have to get out of the car in the freaking cold. What joy do people get out of pumping their own gas?
11. Slow grocery sackers.
12. 15 minute wait at restaurants. Why is it that it is always 15 minutes?
13. Reality TV Shows.
14. People that make it their goal to remain in you blind spot while driving.
15. 16 year old driving a Lexus.
16. People that leave VM's saying that they called on my cell phone. Most cell phones tell you if you missed a call yet these idiots want you to dial your vm and go through all the menu options just to hear them say "gimme a call".
17. Websites that automatically play music, commercials etc.. when you visit them.
18. Left hand turns.
19. People that hang out at coffee houses.
20. Those that are quick to point out every problem in the world yet never have solutions. I avoid this on my blog, most everything I cover I have at one point or another given solutions to what I consider to be problems. Having read through some local "opinion" blogs in the past few months I rarely see any solutions offered by critics.
21. People that guilt you for not recycling.
22. Subscription cards in magazines. How many of these things do we need? Do the publishers think we are going to hand them out to our friends?
23. Magic acts
24. Bands that still don't have their music on ITunes.
25. Auto Dealerships that put their emblem on the back of your car. They can charge a $200 documentation fee but we get nothing for free advertising?
26. Catholic Charities - These guys are nothing more than shake down artists.
27. Stores that have no guns allowed signs posted on their windows. These stores can usually be seen on the news after a mass shooting has taken place inside there store by someone who must of missed that sign.
28. Unsolicited Advice. If I thought you would give good advice I would probably ask.
29. People that bring their own bags to the grocery store.
30. Claymation - Thanks for sharing your play-doh puppet show.
31. Movies with subtitles & Foreign Films.
32. Tampon & Viagra commercials on TV.
33. Elvis fans. The guy stole 90% of his music.
34. Ring Tones
35. Dane Cook - The most unfunny white guy on the planet.
36. Adults that "Party!" like they are still in college or high school and then have to tell you about it.
37. Applebee's - How this crap hole is still open is beyond me.
38. People that don't get rid of their nose hairs.
39. Rich celebrities flying in private jets, telling me what kind of light bulb to use and to not flush my toilet.
40. People that steal from my blog. If you lack originality at least give me credit. It amazes me how often this has been happening lately.