Thursday, August 21, 2008


Top Ten stories that you need to know about before speaking today.

1. After a lazy Tuesday it is good to see that violent crime is back on track in the metro area. Dead body found in house on Forest.

2. Can't we just bull doze Prospect? Seriously, nothing good ever happens on this street. Man shot at 40th and noProspects.

3. Kansas City religious leaders like sodomy. They like it so much that they paid $10 million dollars to molest local boys.

4. If a racetrack that nobody went to in the first places closes, does anyone care? No.

5. Will Prairie Village leaders finally jump on board with my plan of taking down the 18th street expressway?

6. God bless the little engine that could KCK. While they lack the numbers that KCMO has they still manage to either shoot or stab someone on a daily basis. Stabbing on "scenic" 7th street.

7. In a city full of shell casings, broken crack pipes, shanks and grenades, do they really need to worry about a smoking ban in KCK? Seriously they can't enforce the laws that they have now so why add to the list. Tell ya what, clean up the crime in the city then come back and say that you are concerned about the health of the citizens. Jackass's.

8. How fitting is it that a man that crapped all over former players health needs, dies early. Normally I would feel bad about a death but the way this guy treated former NFL players makes it difficult for me to say anything more than CYA A-HOLE!

9. How many greeting card sayings were deemed inappropriate by Hallmark while they were creating "Gay Marriage Cards"?

10. Alligators swimming in the streets of Florida.